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Hey, I’m Nolan

Fourteen years on the construction sites showed me how to build things that last. A lifetime of writing code and designing video-games honed my skills, enabling me to craft experiences people love. Now, I weave those same skills together — crafting websites with strong foundations like the buildings I worked on, with the immersive quality that kept players deeply engaged.

I help businesses level-up their digital landscape with websites that are strong as steel, and built to win!

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Welcome to FunkPd

Welcome to FunkPd, where we translate your business goals into digital reality. Our team, drawn from the best talent in the USA, Australia, and Germany, is united by a single passion: creating digital experiences that resonate deeply with users and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our work is not just about a digital presence; it’s about crafting tools that propel your growth.

Our Global Team

We are a global team of digital creators, from Winnipeg to everywhere, with local roots but a global reach.

The team of FunkPd, a web design agency, casually seated together, exuding a blend of creativity and tech expertise. From the left, Deniz, with curly hair and a laid-back stance, exudes approachability. Next, Nolan, the bearded founder, sits at the center, projecting a blend of intensity and innovation. Sophie, with her bright, welcoming smile, conveys strategic marketing acumen. On the right, Axel's focused gaze reflects his role in tech and finance, underpinning the agency's operational excellence.
Left: Deniz, Nolan, Sophie, Axel

Deniz makes digital experiences that feel like they’re just for you. His insight into user needs transforms visits into memorable interactions.

Nolan I build online foundations that last and captivate. Leading FunkPd with a blend of strategic foresight and planning.

Sophie turns data into stories that make your brand shine. Her skill in finding the story behind the numbers drives our marketing to new heights.

Axel our go-to for all things tech. Tackling our biggest technology challenges, and his ability to handle numbers help us stay on track financially.

More Than Websites, We Grow With You.

At FunkPd, we offer more than just web development; we provide a full range of services to boost your brand and advance your business. We’re all about building a strong online presence that supports growth and produces real results through effective teamwork and strategic planning.

We offer:

  • 🖥️ Stunning WordPress websites: Tailored to your brand, built to perform.
  • 🔍 SEO that gets seen: Attract your ideal audience, organically.
  • 💬 Social media that engages: Build relationships, ignite conversations.
  • 🔐 Security you can trust: Sleep soundly, knowing your site is safe.
  • Performance that shines: Fast, reliable, optimized for all devices.
  • 🛠️ Maintenance that matters: We keep your website thriving, long-term.

FunkPd isn’t just a service, it’s a partnership for online growth.

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How We Work: The 8P’s of Funk Productions

Our special process, the 8P’s, ensures your project is treated with care and quality from start to finish.

Here’s Our 8 Step Process

Who We’ve Helped

From the heart of Winnipeg to the outskirts of Sydney, our clientele is as varied as our skills. We’ve crafted digital solutions for local heroes and international industry giants. Small businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs — they’ve all found a digital home at FunkPd.

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Embark on this digital adventure with us. Reach out, and let’s build something that lasts and leads the way together.