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1.1 At ‘Funk Productions’, we pride ourselves in doing our best to meet defined goals and fulfill your design related needs, but it is necessary to ensure that a few simple things are clearly outlined should any unforeseen questions or issues arise. We wish to maintain clarity and want you to know exactly what you are agreeing to in our Terms of Service.

1.2 The price I receive is based on an assessment of the information I have provided to Funk Productions on the date of the contract and is only an estimate.

1.3 If ‘Funk Productions’ determines additional work not documented in the ‘Client Proposal’ is needed, the cost will be impacted. You will have the opportunity to review and approve these changes prior to ‘Funk Productions’ moving forward.


2.1. You agree to provide us with everything necessary to complete the project including logo, text, images, link(s) to social media, hosting credentials and any other information we request as we need it, and in the format we require.

2.2 You also agree to adhere to the payment schedule outlined in the ‘Client Proposal’. We cannot be held responsible for a missed website launch date or deadline if youʼve not provided all content and/or revisions on time.

2.3 We provide you with a 7 day window from the date of website migration to your hosting for error review. This does not include new website revisions, but errors that may have occurred during migration. It is your responsibility as the client to review your website during this time and point out any errors to be corrected.

2.4 Any error that you find after the 7 days, will be charged at an hourly rate of $120.00.

2.5 Once the project deliverables have been approved, we require full payment of your projectʼs remaining balance before migrating your website onto your hosting. From the time the website is completed and ready for launch, you have a maximum of 30 days to provide us with your hosting and domain information. If that information is not provided in-time, your website will be removed from our server without notice. Extensions can be provided upon written request.

2.6 We are only responsible for the items outlined in the ‘CLIENT PROPOSAL’. Items not included in the  ‘CLIENT PROPOSAL’ are not part of the project nor have they been included in the quoted cost.

2.7 Please review the ‘CLIENT PROPOSAL’ and if you have any additional feature requests, changes in tasks, changes in deliverables or any scope modifications, beyond what was agreed and signed off on in the original ‘CLIENT PROPOSAL’, additional billable time will be incurred to you as the client at our hourly rate of $120.00.

2.8 You’re responsible for the cost of any outside paid assets. This is included but not limited to hosting, domains, SSL certificates, third party plugins, stock images, and premium fonts.

2.9 In addition, we cannot be held liable for the functionality of third party plugins or software, recommended or otherwise.

2.10 We’re proud of our work and reserve the right to apply a back-link with the text “Designed by Funk Productions” or “internet with soul” on your website. Should you wish to remove the credit, a fee of $250 applies. 

2.11 FUNK PRODUCTIONS will do everything possible to build you an amazing website, however we hold no liability for your sales, revenue, and/or the success of your website/business directly, indirectly, or consequentially.

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