the process


We have price quotes but we understand just hearing a list of numbers isn’t enough. We’ll walk you through our price packages and answer any questions you might have. Think of us like an online store, come browse our free to view design and logo mock ups. 


After we talk a little bit we set a date so that both parties are organized and ready.
Bring all your ideas to this meeting!
We send a skype call invitation to you so that you can actually see the people you’re talking to. If possible we also can arrange in-person meetings!


At this point in the process we’ve locked down the core design of your website and now it’s time to find your visual style and build your brand.
We’ll ask you to describe your target audience and what sets you apart from the others, so we can optimize your website to be not only relevant but pleasing to read.

Awareness, Engagement, Retention, Referral, Revenue

These five tenets are our core design philosophy, and the goal of all our efforts.

We create a beautiful landing page for you with clear Call to Action buttons with features designed to target your specific clientele, and We design a unique browsing experience (think of a funnel) to engage your clients with content they can only find from you to encourage user retention.

Social media integration from a wide range of third party sites such as Facebook, Etsy, and Bandcamp, mailchimp, and more, ensure you’re getting referrals within your community, and our expert SEO writers increase online revenue with their proven techniques.

the most important steps to building a website are development and launch and these take a lot of resources.

We ask for an initial deposit after our first meeting so we can do our best to craft your website, and keep it at the top of our priorities. Once you’ve reviewed our work on the staging version of your website, we receive a second deposit, and after a few final adjustments you go live on the web! this process could take from a week, to a month, depending on the size and budget of your website.

if you like what we do, send us a note