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At FunkPd, we're all about crafting simple, pocket-friendly websites for bloggers, influencers, and all those personal brands out there. We ain't gonna bombard you with techno-babble or pointless add-ons. Nah, we're just hell-bent on forging a stunning, user-friendly website that takes your personal brand from 'meh' to 'wowza'. That's our jam.

Goal-Digging Vibes

Alright, here’s how we do it at FunkPd – no fuss, no bullshit:

  • We kick things off with a yak session, be it on call or email, to dig into your dreams and desires for your site.
    A little chit-chat can go a long way, after all.
  • Next, our technomad crew dives headfirst into the meaty stuff – crafting that badass site design and development.
  • Once that’s wrapped up, we won’t leave you hanging.
    We’ll show you the ropes on how to tweak and twirl your site until it’s just right. No need for a Ph.D. in Computer Science here, folks.
  • And the cherry on top? We offer lean-and-mean monthly packages.
    Forget about those sneaky, complex contracts that make your head spin.

Neo-Minimalist Web Aesthetics

At FunkPd, we don’t just design – we sculpt your online persona with a minimalist charm, emphasizing sleek lines and clutter-free simplicity, making your business radiate a futuristic and pro vibe.

No-Nonsense Navigation

Our sites aren’t just digital spaces – they’re cyber highways designed for effortless cruising, intuitively steering your users through a groovy web experience.


Lightning-Speed Performance

We don’t just build your website, we fine-tune it for warp-speed load times and fluid functionality, delivering your visitors a thrilling cyber journey.


Glass-Clear Operations

We’re all about clarity in our digital dojo. From the initial sketches to the final launch, we keep you clued-in and on board with our full transparency commitment.


Outcome-Oriented Vision

At the heart of FunkPd is a goal-crushing drive. We forge websites that serve as potent tools to amplify your business KPIs, from turbocharging sales and generating leads to skyrocketing your brand presence.

digital creations

Modern web design aesthetics coupled with ease of use and stunning efficiency

We build sites on WordPress, optimized for speed and mobility. Our designers ensure your website looks stunning on desktop and mobile devices.

Our core values are transparency and results

honeymoon backpackers' web design, web developer in winnipeg

Honeymoon Backpackers

FunkPd conjured up a dazzling web design spell for We turbocharged the website’s speed, brewed some serious UX/UI enhancements, and worked our magic on both front and back-end. The outcome? A digital wonderland that’s slick, swift, and user-friendly.

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Ever wrestled with a website that loads slower than your old dial-up connection in the ’90s?

Or tried to play detective in a convoluted site where the ‘Contact Us’ button plays a better hide-and-seek game than Waldo? Man, we feel your pain and we’re here to ensure your business doesn’t become that cyber equivalent of a frustrating maze.

FunkPd – we’re not just technomads. We’re the custodians of your digital footprint, making sure your website is a mirror of your brand and dishes up a user experience smoother than a jazz solo on a summer night.

But hold up, our magic doesn’t stop at crafting aesthetically pleasing web designs. Oh, no. We work our spells in areas often overlooked by many…

Take a look at – a diamond in the rough, until our techno-maestros got their digital mitts on it.

Our team wasn’t just satisfied with giving the site a facelift. We turbo-charged its performance, transforming it into a slick, easy-to-use platform, showcasing the best of what HoneymoonBackpackers has in its arsenal. Now, visitors get more than a fast and visually appealing site; they get an online experience that doesn’t miss a beat.

Why do we fuss about website speed? Simple. We’re living in an era of espresso shot attention spans and speed thrills. We use the most sophisticated tech spells and optimization techniques to ensure your website loads faster than you can say “FunkPd”. Keeping your visitors engaged, locked, and ready to rock n roll with your content.

A website that’s more tangled than last year’s Christmas lights is a big no-no in our book. That’s why our UI/UX wizards channel their creative juju to conjure a site that’s intuitive, easy on the eyes, and a dream to navigate.

On the flip side, our tech geniuses keep the engine running sweet and smooth on the back-end, freeing up your mind to focus on expanding your empire.

So, you see, FunkPd is not your average website development agency. We’re a pack of passionate pros, geeking out over every detail, dedicated to transforming your online dreams into a tangible, kick-ass reality.

Ready to create a website that doesn’t just represent your brand, but also delivers a seamless user experience that’ll keep your customers coming back for more?

Holla at us – let’s crank up the volume on your online presence together.

Rangda Films

For Sam Layer, a videography virtuoso from Winnipeg, Manitoba, we at FunkPd have conjured up a WordPress redesign.

A single page to exhibit her unparalleled portfolio, and the outcome is nothing short of enchanting.

Experience the result for yourself at

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Ever met Sam? She’s an ace videographer, a master of capturing life’s hidden moments and painting them on digital canvas. Her work is a hard drive full of creativity, technical prowess, and attention to detail so keen it’d put an eagle’s vision to shame.

Now, you can’t cage such raw talent in a mediocre website, right? We wanted to set up a virtual stage that would let her skills truly shine, so we crafted a slick one-page design to spotlight her jaw-dropping work.

Boom! The outcome is a stunning, professional website that’s as easy to explore as your favorite downtown bar. Fast to load, crystal-clear navigation, and a spotlight on Sam’s portfolio that makes her work pop like fireworks on a New Year’s eve.

Ever tried finding your way around a maze in the dark? Yeah, that’s how it feels to navigate a poorly designed website. We’re in the future, folks. It’s time to prioritize website speed and user experience (UX/UI).

A sluggish website isn’t just annoying as hell—it’s a straight-up customer repellent. Plus, it’s about as helpful for your search engine ranking as a rubber ducky in a tsunami. On the flip side, a website with killer UX/UI feels like a magic carpet ride—effortless, engaging, and enjoyable.

That’s why we pulled out all the stops to optimize Sam’s website for speed and usability. The result? A site that loads quicker than you can say ‘buffering’, offering a breezy user experience on any device. Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone—you name it.

We’ve served up a layout cleaner than a fresh install of VSCode—no clutter, just the good stuff. You want information? It’s right there, easy to find, and easier to understand.

We also layered in relevant, engaging content that lets visitors delve into the world of Sam and her stunning work. There’s a portfolio section that’s like a treasure trove of her mesmerizing videos and photos, and a contact page for folks to connect with her directly.

Here at FunkPd, we believe your website should be the cornerstone of your digital presence, and we’re stoked to have crafted a digital playground that does justice to Sam Layer’s talent. We’re confident that this site will open new doors for her, helping to connect with potential clients and present her work in the best damn light possible.

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and let us do the same magic for your business.

Rangda Films' web design

FunkPd knows that over 90% of web pages get zero traffic from Google. Hence, we craft our spells (software) with an SEO-first mindset to ensure your site gets the visibility it deserves.

A goldfish has a longer attention span than the average internet user. That’s why FunkPd champions lean design and rapid loading times to grip your visitors from the get-go.


Loud awards website
Loud awards website

Loud Awards

Loud Awards is a website that was created by Badlands Promotions to showcase and celebrate the talents of artists in Manitoba, Canada. The website was designed and developed by to provide a platform for artists to display their work and receive recognition from their peers and fans.The website is visually appealing and user-friendly, making it easy for artists to showcase their work and for fans to engage with the site. The layout is designed to promote competition, with the ability for users to vote for their favorite artists. This encourages artists to put their best work forward and provides a sense of community among the artists and fans.The website is also optimized for niche tags, allowing users to easily find artists that align with their interests. This helps to attract a targeted audience, making it easier for artists to connect with fans who appreciate their work. The inclusion of artist bios and venue photo scenes on the site adds a personal touch, giving users a glimpse into the artists’ lives and the venues they perform in.The website has a large logo that is prominent and easily recognizable, making it easy for users to find the site and remember it. The website is designed to be a home page, leaving a feeling of wanting more from the artists and encouraging users to return to the site frequently.Overall, the Loud Awards website is a great example of how a website can be used to showcase and celebrate the talents of artists. The website’s design and development by FunkPd has helped Badlands Promotions to create a platform for artists to receive recognition for their work and connect with fans who appreciate their talents. The website has been a success, providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and engage with their fans.
FunkPd is proud to be a local Winnipeg company and is passionate about supporting the local music scene. The development of the Loud Awards website is a testament to this, as it provides a platform for artists in Manitoba to showcase their talents and receive recognition from their peers and fans.We recognize the importance of supporting local artists and is dedicated to helping them reach a wider audience. The website’s user-friendly design and interactive features allow for easy engagement between artists and fans, creating a sense of community and support within the local music scene.We value the local music scene and is honored to have been a part of the development of the Loud Awards website. The website has been a success and has helped to bring attention to the talented artists in Manitoba. FunkPd looks forward to continuing to support the local music scene and help artists reach their full potential.
At, we understand the importance of a fast-loading website and its impact on user experience and search engine rankings. That's why we optimized the Loud Awards website for speed and ensured that it loads quickly and smoothly, even on slower internet connections. This not only improves the user experience but also helps the website rank higher in search engine results as search engines prioritize fast-loading websites.We also incorporated SEO best practices into the design and development of the website, making it easier for users to find the site and its content through search engines. The website’s structure and content were optimized to align with search engine algorithms, helping the site rank higher in search results for relevant keywords and phrases.As a local Winnipeg company, we value the local music scene and are honored to have been a part of the development of the Loud Awards website. The website provides a platform for artists in Manitoba to showcase their talents and receive recognition from their peers and fans. With its visually appealing and user-friendly design, fast-loading times, and optimized SEO, the Loud Awards website is a great example of how a website can be used to support local artists and bring attention to the talented musicians in the area.

Clear Skin Solutions

Funk Productions developed a beautiful web design for a local beauty shop in Australia.

Coast & Country Plumbing

FunkPD created a brand new website for Coast & Country Plumbing. Their old website was very outdated, and they had many emails on a sluggish old server, we helped them transfer to something more modern with no downtime or emails lost during transfer!

Our Winnipeg-based team can have your new website live in just 2-3 weeks!


Bridging Realities:
The Art of Networking for the 21st Century Technomad

Ready to level up your technomad game? Dive into “Bridging Realities: The Art of Networking for the 21st Century Technomad”.


Hone your web design, copywriting, SEO, and social media marketing skills into a potent skill tree. Find the perfect living space for your technomad lifestyle, maintain optimum health, and network like a boss.


With the right spells (software), micro mindware (skills), and mindset, face any challenge head-on. Master remote communication and construct a powerful personal brand. It’s not just about surviving as a technomad, it’s about thriving. Unleash your potential now!

Bridging Realities: The Art of Networking for the 21st Century Technomad - Nolan Phelps
Unlock Your Mind's Potential:

Our principles


We’re all about crafting the big picture. Together, we’ll brainstorm, set goals, and research to concoct a website spell that perfectly aligns with your business needs and your ambitions. Your vision is our command.


We’ve got our detective hats on. Why are your guests dropping by your digital crib? Google, Facebook, or good old word-of-mouth – we’ll zoom in on that and make it the star of the show.


What’s got your visitors hooked? Are they here for your stellar product line, a peek at your portfolio, or just the lowdown on your location? We’ll ensure they get what they want, quick and slick.
these five tenets are our core web design philosophy, and the goal of all our efforts.


Who doesn’t love a familiar face? Word-of-mouth is the ultimate referral spell. So, we’ll build a trust-foundation with your clients that keeps them coming back for more and has them raving about you to their buddies.


Show us the money! What’s the goldmine in your business? Selling products, raking in advertising dollars, or gathering leads? We’ll amplify that.

Our services


We’ve got a smorgasbord here: Graphic design, user interface design, responsive design, custom website design, landing page design, e-commerce website design, and website redesign. Pick your poison, or better yet, let’s blend them into a potent potion.

web development

Got guests? Let’s figure out their main reason for visiting your site and turn that into the headline act. Be it Google, Facebook, or word of mouth, we’ll make it the focus.

search engine optimization

What are your guests hankering for? Whether it’s purchasing a product, admiring your portfolio, or looking for directions, we’ll ensure they find what they want swiftly and effectively. Be seen, be heard, be found!  

About FunkPd - Your Digital Revolution Catalyst in Winnipeg

Navigating the dynamic internet landscape, FunkPd stands tall as your Winnipeg-based psychedelic battalion of website wizards and digital dreamweavers. We’re hell-bent on crafting transformative online realms, showcasing the best of Winnipeg web design through an intoxicating cocktail of imaginative communication and technical prowess.

At the helm of our digital spaceship is Commander Nolan Phelps, the maestro of web design in Winnipeg. He might physically hail from the frost-kissed city of Winnipeg, Canada, but his digital presence flutters throughout the global ether. With over a decade of orchestrating intricate web projects under his belt, Nolan has forged a diverse squad of trailblazers united by a fervor for constructing kickass websites.

Our global funk mob may span four continents, but our digital heart beats strongest in Winnipeg, with our web development Winnipeg-based HQ. Our ceaseless planetary collaboration fuels our innovation furnaces every day. Each of our developers brings a unique set of micro mindware and perspective, birthing work that genuinely jazzes up the digital realm and places Winnipeg web design on the map.

While Nolan and our team’s roots remain firmly planted in Winnipeg, our boundaryless work model means we’re here for the hustlers, visionaries, and game-changers everywhere. We’ve served as digital allies to many enterprises, helping them morph their digital presence from a mere existence into an immersive, engaging realm of brand interaction.

Our services, crafted with the best of web design Winnipeg has to offer, serve as your digital Swiss army knife:

Custom web design

Our Winnipeg-based virtuoso designers blend artistic flare with tech chops to build brand-specific, audience-captivating interfaces.

Web development

Our skilled Winnipeg web developers employ state-of-the-art spells to construct speedy, optimized sites that deliver a flawless experience across all devices.

SEO services

Our Winnipeg SEO shamans turbocharge your organic traffic by enhancing your search visibility through technical tweaks and optimized content.

Social media marketing

Our strategists, based in Winnipeg, establish meaningful brand-audience relationships via tailored campaigns, growing your brand’s online presence.

Graphic design

Our creative souls who call Winnipeg home, craft logos, branding assets, and marketing materials, ensuring consistent brand identity across all channels.

Copywriting and content creation

Our Winnipeg word warriors weave compelling narratives optimized for specific goals and audiences using research-backed techniques.

eCommerce solutions

Our Winnipeg-based strategists are proficient in crafting online stores with user-friendly interfaces optimized for conversions.

FunkPd is more than a web design company in Winnipeg; we’re your partner in digital revolution. Let’s have a chinwag about your digital dreams today!

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