Funk Productions
internet with soul.

website development & design in Winnipeg Manitoba

digital creations

Modern design aesthetics coupled with ease of use and stunning efficiency.
Our core values are transparency and results.

Honeymoon backpacker's website

Honeymoon Backpackers

FunkProductions collaborated with the re-creation of improving the site speed and improving user interface and useability in the front and back-end.

Rangda Films

Re-designed WordPress website for Videographer Sam Layer in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We created a simple one-page design to show off her amazing portfolio.

RangdaFilms website website

we recognize that 66% of users today on the web are mobile, so we take a mobile-first approach to design.

It’s important to get most of your information easily accessible for users above-the-fold for instant access.

TheFloatSanctuary's website in mobile view
THTreesurgery's website in mobile view
YogaNavan's website in mobile view

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Our principles


lets develop some ideas, set goals, and do the research to create a website that is tailor-made to fit the requirements of your business and your vision and goals.


we want to determine the main reason your guests are visitng your site and focus on that, are they coming from google, facebook, or word of mouth?


what are your guests coming for? Purchasing a product or service, viewing your portfolio, or just looking for directions lets give them what they want quickly and effectively.

these five tenets are our core design philosophy, and the goal of all our efforts.


people love to work with who they know, word-of-mouth is the best way to make new clients for many reasons, so let's establish a trust basis with your clients so they not only come back for more, but they recommend you to all their friends


whats your main source of revenue online, are you selling a product, collecting from advertising, or trying to collect more leads for your business?