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Solid Digital Presence, No Bullshit. We convert your reputation into a reliable digital presence. Direct, dependable results—no fluff.

  • Rugged Digital Solutions: Robust, straightforward websites to highlight your services and captivate your audience.
  • Zero Confusion, Total Control: You manage your site with ease; we ensure clarity and accessibility.
  • Immediate Impact: Quick launch, significant online presence. Support at every step.

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Elevate Your Online Game with FunkPd:

Size Doesn't Matter: See how we've scaled our solutions for both sprawling corporations and solo operators on our /works/ page.

digital creations

Modern web design aesthetics coupled with ease of use and stunning efficiency.

We build sites on WordPress, optimized for speed and mobility. Our designers ensure your website looks stunning on desktop and mobile devices.

Our core values are transparency and results.

honeymoon backpackers' website design. mobile-responsive screen in desktop display

Website Design for Honeymoon Backpackers

FunkPd conjured up a dazzling web design spell for HoneyMoon Backpackers. We turbocharged the website’s speed, brewed some serious UX/UI enhancements, and worked our magic on both front and back-end. The outcome? A digital wonderland that’s slick, swift, and user-friendly.

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Ever wrestled with a website that loads slower than your old dial-up connection in the ’90s?

Or tried to play detective in a convoluted site where the ‘Contact Us’ button plays a better hide-and-seek game than Waldo? Man, we feel your pain and we’re here to ensure your business doesn’t become that cyber equivalent of a frustrating maze.

FunkPd – we’re not just technomads. We’re the custodians of your digital footprint, making sure your website is a mirror of your brand and dishes up a user experience smoother than a jazz solo on a summer night.

But hold up, our magic doesn’t stop at crafting aesthetically pleasing web designs. Oh, no. We work our spells in areas often overlooked by many…

Take a look at – a diamond in the rough, until our techno-maestros got their digital mitts on it.

Our team wasn’t just satisfied with giving the site a facelift. We turbo-charged its performance, transforming it into a slick, easy-to-use platform, showcasing the best of what HoneymoonBackpackers has in its arsenal. Now, visitors get more than a fast and visually appealing site; they get an online experience that doesn’t miss a beat.

Why do we fuss about website speed? Simple. We’re living in an era of espresso shot attention spans and speed thrills. We use the most sophisticated tech spells and optimization techniques to ensure your website loads faster than you can say “FunkPd”. Keeping your visitors engaged, locked, and ready to rock n roll with your content.

A website that’s more tangled than last year’s Christmas lights is a big no-no in our book. That’s why our UI/UX wizards channel their creative juju to conjure a site that’s intuitive, easy on the eyes, and a dream to navigate.

On the flip side, our tech geniuses keep the engine running sweet and smooth on the back-end, freeing up your mind to focus on expanding your empire.

So, you see, FunkPd is not your average website development agency. We’re a pack of passionate pros, geeking out over every detail, dedicated to transforming your online dreams into a tangible, kick-ass reality.

Ready to create a website that doesn’t just represent your brand, but also delivers a seamless user experience that’ll keep your customers coming back for more?

Holla at us – let’s crank up the volume on your online presence together.

Actiwork Refactor

Actiwork, a leader in industrial workspace solutions, partnered with FunkPd for a major website overhaul.

Our mission?
To shift from a rigid platform to a dynamic, user-friendly site powered by Elementor, boosting both usability and SEO.

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Project Highlights:

  • WordPress Optimization: Simplified backend with Elementor for enhanced site management.
  • Advanced SEO Tactics: Boosted visibility and organic search rankings.
  • Seamless Project Management: Efficiently navigated third-party interactions.

Execution and Impact:

  • Elementor Integration: Facilitated intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, improving user experience and site aesthetics.
  • Custom Features: Enhanced WordPress editor capabilities for optimal frontend performance.
  • Targeted Training: Empowered Actiwork’s team with tailored guides for ongoing site upkeep.

Key Outcomes:

  • Performance Excellence: Superior Google Lighthouse scores.
  • SEO Success: Significant traffic increase due to better search rankings.
  • Empowered Client: Actiwork now independently manages a high-performing website.
Actiwork's website refactor. mobile-responsive screen in desktop display

FunkPd knows that over 90% of web pages get zero traffic from Google. Hence, we craft our spells (software) with an SEO-first mindset to ensure your site gets the visibility it deserves.

Discover cutting-edge techniques to enhance your text with ChatGPT. Read to unlock secrets on top_p, frequency, and presence penalties at FunkPd DevLog.

A goldfish has a longer attention span than the average internet user. That’s why FunkPd champions lean design and rapid loading times to grip your visitors from the get-go.

Our Website Design Works

Plumbing service’s site overhaul for better user engagement, SEO, and content management, with a focus on local service promotion.
Promotional site for local artists in Manitoba, designed to showcase talent and facilitate community engagement and recognition.
Industrial solutions provider, streamlined and SEO-optimized website redesign focused on performance and user engagement enhancements.

FunkPd's Feedback & Testimonials

Courtney BuckinghamMinetek

"Vast Range of Web Dev Knowledge""Nolan and his team at Funk Productions have a vast range of web dev knowledge, making them the go-to web developer for any project. They excel in troubleshooting and remedying solutions that other agencies can't solve. Communication is impeccable, and Nolan is always ready for a last-minute call to discuss any details."

Jack Jase
Keck Custom Tailor

"A Game-Changer for Our Brand""FunkPd truly understood my vision for Keck Custom Tailor and brought it to life, perfectly reflecting our dedication to craftsmanship and luxury. Their creativity and attention to detail transformed our website into a compelling story of our brand."

Michelle Bradshaw
Yoga Navan

"Professional and Efficient""Working with Funk Productions is a game-changer. They are professional and efficient, very responsive, and provide the attention needed while developing your site. I love their attention to detail and the personal interest they take in helping make the best site... for YOU!"

our principles


We specialize in web design and WordPress development, tailoring every project to align with your unique business goals. Your vision is our blueprint.


Understanding what attracts visitors to your website is crucial. We analyze traffic sources like Google and social media to enhance user engagement.


We focus on what keeps your visitors interested, ensuring they find value in your products, services, or information quickly and easily.

These five tenets are our core web design philosophy,
and the goal of all our efforts.


Creating a trustworthy online presence encourages customers to return and share their positive experiences, growing your brand reputation through word-of-mouth.


Identifying and amplifying your website’s revenue-generating elements—be it through sales, ad revenue, or lead generation—is our goal.

our services


Explore our array of design services including graphic design, UI design, responsive web design, custom website creation, landing page design, e-commerce site design, and website makeover. Choose what suits you or mix and match for a custom solution.


We tailor your website to highlight what draws visitors in, whether they come from Google, social media, or referrals. We focus on making your key offerings stand out.

search engine

We ensure your site meets your visitors’ needs quickly and efficiently, whether they’re looking to buy, browse your work, or find your location. With our SEO strategies, your site will rank higher, gain visibility, and attract more traffic.

Digital Marketing

Crafting compelling narratives to engage and convert your audience.


Crafting compelling narratives to engage and convert your audience.

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