FunkPd's Process

Understand every stage of our website development with our straightforward explanations!

🔍 Probe

Probe lays the groundwork for development, focusing on securing resources and ironing out the details.

Here’s a breakdown of what it entails:

  • Making it Easy for You: Simplifying the process for small projects with a quick form.
  • Getting the Paperwork Right: Handling legalities and ensuring documents fit your needs.
  • Keeping Things Moving: Requesting necessary info within two weeks to maintain smooth progress.

Collaboration is key, with responsibilities outlined for both parties. The outcomes include tailored plans and clear expectations, leading to a solid foundation and early issue detection. The next step is the Prototype phase, where ideas transform into tangible plans.

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💡 Prototype

Prototype transforms ideas into reality by crafting initial designs and strategies for websites.

Here’s what it involves:

  • Design Development: Creating design mockups or selecting templates aligned with project goals.
  • Feedback Integration: Iterating designs based on client feedback until they’re just right.
  • Content Strategy: Planning how the message will engage the audience.
  • Technical Planning: Outlining technical requirements to ensure smooth functionality.

Collaboration ensures alignment with the client’s vision and brand. Refined designs and clear content plans are the outcomes, providing a blueprint for development. The focus is on creating a unified vision and setting actionable next steps. The phase concludes with moving to the Present phase for finalizing designs and strategies.

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🎬 Present

Present ensures alignment with client expectations before development.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Finalizing Design: Refining designs based on Prototype feedback.
  • Reviewing Content: Presenting proposed content strategy to communicate brand value effectively.
  • Understanding the Tech: Providing a detailed overview of the technical setup.
  • Feedback and Tweaks: Incorporating final adjustments based on client feedback.

Collaboration involves explaining decisions and being responsive. Approved designs and a clear technical plan are the outcomes, instilling confidence in the direction. The phase concludes with moving to the Produce phase, where the website takes shape.

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🔨 Produce

Produce brings prototypes to life, creating fully functional online presences.

Here’s what it entails:

  • Starting Development: Kicking off the development process, including writing code and setting up content management systems.
  • Adding Content: Filling the website with polished content.
  • Making it Interactive: Incorporating features to engage visitors.
  • Testing Everything: Rigorously testing the site on various devices and browsers.

Collaboration ensures quality delivery and thorough testing, with responsibilities outlined for both parties. The outcomes are a fully developed website optimized for success. The phase concludes with moving to the Publish phase, where the website is prepared for launch.

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🚀 Publish

Publish ensures a seamless transition from development to live hosting.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Final Payment Collection: Settling all payments for a smooth transition.
  • Website Migration: Carefully moving the new website to the chosen hosting server.
  • Credential Handover: Providing all necessary access credentials for full control.
  • Empowering with Knowledge: Offering tutorial sessions for effective site management.

Collaboration focuses on smooth migration and comprehensive access. The outcomes are a successfully launched website and empowerment through knowledge. The phase concludes with moving to the Promote phase for strategic marketing efforts.

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📢 Promote

Promote aims to excite and engage the target audience from the start.

Here’s what it involves:

  • Making Some Noise: Creating a big announcement to grab attention.
  • Boosting Your Reach: Implementing customized marketing strategies.
  • Tracking the Action: Monitoring website performance and user interaction.

Collaboration includes making a plan and understanding performance metrics. The outcomes are increased site visibility and insights for improvement. The phase concludes with moving to the Polish phase for fine-tuning the website.

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✨ Polish

Polish focuses on fine-tuning the site for quality and user satisfaction.

Here’s what it entails:

  • Fine-Tuning in 7 Days: Addressing any issues that arise after the site goes live.
  • Listening to You: Incorporating client feedback for improvements.
  • Making Sure Everything Works: Ensuring functionality across devices and browsers.

Collaboration emphasizes responsiveness and prioritization. The outcomes are a polished website ready for launch and confidence in its performance. The phase concludes with moving to the Perfect phase for ongoing support and improvement.

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🌟 Perfect

Perfect provides tools, knowledge, and support for maintaining the website’s vitality.

Here’s what it entails:

  • Tailored Support Packages: Offering support plans tailored to client needs.
  • Strategic Improvement Sessions: Providing advice on keeping the site up-to-date.
  • Exploring Future Opportunities: Continuously seeking ways to enhance the website.

Collaboration includes keeping updated and discussing growth plans. The outcomes are readiness for future changes and a strong partnership for ongoing success. The process concludes with a focus on continuous growth and improvement.

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