The Keen and the Kind

We created a new website for The Keen and the Kind!

The design of The Keen and the Kind website was inspired by the psychedelic artwork of Violet Vopni and her band. The site features dark color schemes and a mix of videos and album covers, creating a visually diverse page that appeals to the target audience. The site is also highly interactive, with the ability for users to find out about upcoming events and new releases.

One of the key benefits of the new website is its ability to increase exposure and market the band’s products. With the vast amount of content and videos uploaded, the website has the potential to rank highly in search engines, resulting in more traffic and visibility for the band. This increased exposure can translate into higher sales and a wider reach for the band’s products and services.

The site is well organized and easy to navigate, with clean sound and visuals that enhance the overall user experience. The mix of videos and album covers creates a dynamic and engaging page that keeps visitors interested and engaged. Additionally, the site is highly artistic, appealing to users who appreciate the eclectic artistry that is at the core of the band’s image.

The design of the site was carefully thought out to ensure that it met the needs of both the band and its target audience. The dark color scheme and eclectic artwork match the band’s initial photos and psychedelic artwork, creating a cohesive and consistent look and feel throughout the site. This attention to detail is reflected in the high-quality content and videos uploaded, further enhancing the site’s aesthetic appeal.

The Keen and the Kind website is a great example of how a well-designed, artist-driven website can help a business achieve its goals. With its clean sound and visuals, engaging content, and the ability to increase exposure and market the band’s products, this site is a great asset for the band and will help them achieve their goals for years to come.