FunkPd's webdesign for Actiwork


Comprehensive Case Study: Actiwork’s Website Redesign and Transition to Elementor


Actiwork, a major industrial workspace provider, approached FunkPd for a significant overhaul of their existing website. This project was an ambitious undertaking, involving a shift to a more dynamic, user-friendly platform through Elementor. It encompassed custom training, strategic SEO improvements, and a complete design revamp, illustrating FunkPd’s comprehensive approach to web solutions.


Originally built on with an underscores theme, Actiwork’s website was not keeping pace with the company’s evolving needs. The platform’s rigidity made it difficult to manage content effectively, and the website’s inability to adapt to market changes was a growing concern.

Challenges Encountered:

  1. Technical Rigidity: Actiwork’s previous setup restricted content updates to those with technical expertise, limiting agility.
  2. SEO Inefficiencies: The website’s outdated SEO practices were negatively impacting its online visibility.
  3. Collaboration Hurdles: Working with third-party service providers DMM and INT presented coordination challenges, affecting the project’s timeline.


The goal was to transform Actiwork’s website into a more dynamic, user-friendly platform. This involved enhancing usability, improving SEO, and equipping the Actiwork team with the necessary skills and tools for ongoing website maintenance and content management.


We employed a multi-pronged strategy:

  1. Platform Transition: Shifting to a WordPress and Elementor-based site for enhanced flexibility and user experience.
  2. Custom Training Material: Creating easy-to-understand guides tailored to WordPress and Elementor, ensuring long-term self-sufficiency.
  3. Design Revamp: Modernizing the website’s aesthetic, focusing on intuitive navigation and responsiveness.
  4. SEO Overhaul: Implementing updated SEO strategies to boost online presence and performance.


Platform and Design Overhaul

  • Elementor Integration: The website was rebuilt on WordPress, incorporating Elementor for its user-friendly editing capabilities.
  • Design Improvements: We developed a modern user interface, emphasizing ease of navigation and mobile responsiveness, aligning with our minimalist and efficient design philosophy.

Custom Training and Support

  • Tailored Documentation: We created comprehensive, easy-to-follow guides for managing the WordPress site, reflecting our commitment to empowering clients.
  • Hands-On Training: Conducted in-depth training sessions, fostering Actiwork’s ability to manage their website independently.

SEO and Content Strategy

  • Content Revitalization: Updated content with SEO-friendly practices, including optimized titles and meta descriptions.
  • Analytics Foundation: Established a robust analytics framework for future data-driven decisions, in line with our performance-focused approach.

Challenges and Solutions

Extended Timelines

  • Third-Party Delays: Slow response times from DMM and INT extended the project timeline. Despite these challenges, we remained committed to delivering a high-quality product.

Technical Limitations

  • Server and Domain Issues: The existing server setup was underperforming. We suggested server upgrades and explored new server options for enhanced control and efficiency.

Branding and Social Media

  • Branding Overhaul: Redesigned Actiwork’s branding to better align with their web design and company mission.
  • Social Media Strategy: Developed a plan to boost Actiwork’s online presence, starting with an Instagram collaboration, leveraging our social media marketing expertise.


  • Google Lighthouse Score: Achieved an impressive near-perfect score, reflecting our focus on optimization and performance.
  • Empowered Team: The Actiwork staff is now proficient in managing their website independently.
  • SEO Gains: Notable improvements in search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.
  • Performance Boost: Significant enhancements in website loading times and overall functionality.


This project showcased FunkPd’s capacity to deliver a comprehensive and bespoke web solution, successfully transforming Actiwork’s digital presence and internal capabilities. Despite the challenges posed by extended timelines and technical hurdles, the project was a resounding success, laying a robust foundation for Actiwork’s future digital strategies. This case study not only highlights FunkPd’s expertise in web design and SEO but also our commitment to client empowerment and long-term digital success.