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We believe that integrating SEO into the framework of a website is a necessary foundation to get ranked on google.
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What is on site SEO?

Here’s what we do on-site for your SEO

  • Install google tracking code
  • Setup OG tags for social media
  • Header tags are structured and organized correctly.
  • N-A-T (business Name, Address, Telephone) always accessible on blogs or footer or header.
  • Alt tags/titles/exif on images and images optimized/compressed
  • XML sitemap & submit to google
  • HTML sitemap & link in footer
  • Robots.txt
  • Favicon
  • Page Speed Optimization = XML sitemap = HTML sitemap

On-site SEO is a guaranteed feature with every package we offer, at no additional cost because we believe that integrating SEO into the framework of a website is a necessary foundation to get ranked on google.

How do we get your blog on google?

  • Creating and following a carefully thought out site map.
  • Establishing Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness
  • Filling out the proper alt-tags, exif data, and image file names.
  • Creating new and unique content suitable to your branding using carefully analyzed data.

We use tools like ahrefs and semrush to analyze what people are looking for on google in your area, and we create content based off that.

We have a process for copywriting, we create a list of topic ideas and keywords, it’s up to you if you want to do the writing yourself (often the best way), have us do it all, or you can send us back a quick list of pro-tips for the topic that only an expert in the field would know, and our expert copywriters will create a motivating sales copy customized to your local area and talking points.

Updating Your Old Content after a few months of posting is always a good idea. We can really hone in which pages are getting traffic, and give them special attention.

Why is SEO expensive?

How much profit comes from one customer on your website? For a roofing company it can be a few hundred, to thousands of dollars. Only you the business owner will know if and when your return on investment will be worth it.
It can take 3-6 months or more to rank on google, (We’ve seen much quicker in some cases) so we understand it can be a lot of money before you see results, that’s why we start slow and ramp up our service over time.

We like to do a quick 15 minute chat, or if you have the time up to an hour to discuss the perfect plan for your specific business, it can be as easy as a few hours of cleaning up/maintaining your GMB and making 1-2 blog posts a month for a couple months, or perhaps we discover some underlying errors or issues we can help solve.

Real growth. slowly but surely

We prefer to bring in quality leads over quantity. If we make sure to solve whatever problems your readers have, we create a much better reputation and they’ll come back for more.

Is SEO more powerful than facebook ads?

Yes, we think so, but it’s not a fair comparison and it depends on the business.
Facebook ads can be great if your company is already well established online and you have many pages on your site for your readers, it’s also really good for a one time deal or event. (think of it like a sprint and seo is the marathon)

While SEO can take 3-6 months or longer to start showing results, you’ll find a much better ROI with organic SEO over time over paid ads. We’ll be creating CONTENT! this means blog posts on your site, on google my business, twitter, linkedin etc and content is something we can reuse as much as we like.

SEO is making sure your website is always in top shape, collecting emails and creating a newsletter campaign, brainstorming on where to go in the future, etc

I already have a lot of content!

That’s great! Get in touch with us and we can give you a free audit of your current SEO

All the web designs we build at funkpd come with the essential packages of on-site SEO, optimization, and hardening. Totally free of charge. Ongoing services come with essential wordpress maintenance. We believe maintenance is necessary to stay secure and efficient on the web.

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