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Craft Your Brand's Battle Armor

Custom logo designs that capture your brand’s essence. Make a strong visual statement with your logo.

Stand Out in Your Industry

Ready to crush the competition with a logo that screams your brand? Let’s make it happen.

At FunkPd, we don’t just create logos; we craft visual statements that capture your brand’s essence. Our designs are precision-engineered to make you unforgettable.

Quick Specs:

  • Initial Concepts: 3 to 10, depending on package
  • Revisions: 2 to unlimited
  • Tools Used: Canva, Inkscape, GIMP, Visual Studio Code
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Craft Your Brands Battle Armor
Custom Logo Design: Stand Out in Your Industry

Pricing and Options


The Kickoff Package

3 initial concepts, 1 final design, 2 revision rounds. Perfect for getting started with a professional logo.

5-7 business days 500

The Game Changer Package

5 initial concepts, 2 final logo versions, unlimited revisions, social media profile versions. Ideal for a comprehensive branding overhaul.

10-14 business days 1,500

The Powerhouse Package

10 initial concepts, multiple final versions, unlimited revisions, dedicated project manager, full branding suite. Ultimate package for serious businesses.

15-20 business days 5,000

For detailed inquiries or to initiate your project, visit us at

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Ready to transform your brand's identity? Let’s forge a logo that speaks volumes about your business.

Our Unyielding Commitment to Quality

At FunkPd, we believe that a brand’s identity is its most valuable asset. We approach every project with a blend of raw creativity and meticulous precision, ensuring that our designs not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that powerful visuals can drive success, and we are committed to crafting logos that reflect your brand’s true essence.

Our approach is straightforward and effective. We dive deep into understanding your business, its values, and its target audience. This comprehensive understanding guides our design process, enabling us to create logos that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also strategically sound. We’re here to make sure your brand stands out in the crowded marketplace.

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widescreen graffiti artwork with a neo-noir comic book style, keeping a harmonious yet intricate design against a dark or black background. The panoramic urban scene should feature tall buildings with correct spellings of 'SEO', 'E-COMMERCE', 'RESPONSIVE DESIGN', 'ANALYTICS', infused with stylized characters and abstract designs in a balanced composition.

Why Choose FunkPd?

  • Unmatched Creativity: Our designs are original, capturing the unique essence of your brand.
  • Comprehensive Packages: From initial concepts to final delivery, we offer packages that fit all needs.
  • Expert Support: We provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring your logo’s success.
  • Strategic Approach: Our process is rooted in deep understanding and strategic thinking.

Choose FunkPd for a logo that’s not just a design, but a statement. Let’s elevate your brand together.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

FunkPd, started by Nolan Phelps in 2017, focuses on web development for small to medium construction businesses.

Big companies like Minetek, Actiwork, and Fanquip trust us for their web needs. We create top-quality websites, improve SEO, set up e-commerce, manage social media, and provide ongoing support. Our packages range from Essentials ($1000) to Pro ($10,000-$35,000+), fitting every budget. Using our 8P method, we ensure top-notch, client-focused results.

With a 95%+ client retention rate, our skills include WordPress, Elementor, PHP, and advanced SEO tools. FunkPd combines technical know-how, creative design, and smart strategies to make websites that look amazing and work great.

Choose FunkPd to boost your online presence.

Transparent logo of "minetek" for (service) Website Design.
Logo of "actiwork" attached to (page) Get Visible!
Logo of "fanquip bikes" attached to (page) Get Visible!

See why companies like Minetek, Actiwork, and Fanquip rely on FunkPd for their web development needs.
Our expertise transforms online presence, driving success for construction businesses worldwide.

Our Relentless 8P Logo Design Process

The Blueprint for Your Brand’s Success

At FunkPd, our 8P process is the backbone of our project management, ensuring every logo we create is built on a solid foundation.

From initial consultation to final delivery, we follow a meticulous process designed to capture your brand’s essence and turn it into a powerful visual statement.

Ready to dive deep into our process? Download our detailed PDF guide and discover how we turn ideas into iconic logos.

Study Our Logo Design Process PDF

🔍 Initial Consultation

  • Probe: Understand your brand and vision
  • Prototype: Create initial design concepts

📊 Design Concepts

  • Present: Show initial concepts and gather feedback
  • Produce: Refine and develop the chosen concept

🚀 Review & Refine

  • Publish: Finalize the design and prepare for launch
  • Promote: Implement SEO and marketing strategies

✨ Final Delivery

  • Polish: Ensure the design is flawless
  • Perfect: Provide ongoing support and updates
white textile with black shadow

01. The Kickoff Package

Perfect for businesses starting their branding journey. Get a professional logo that sets you apart.

  • Process: Initial consultation, 3 design concepts, 2 revision rounds, final logo delivery
  • Duration: 5-7 business days
  • Tools: Canva, Inkscape, GIMP
  • Deliverables: High-resolution logo files, black and white version
  • Price: $500

This package ensures you get a standout logo without breaking the bank. Let's make your mark.

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a group of white arrows on a black background

02. The Game Changer Package

Transform your brand with a comprehensive logo package designed for impact and versatility.

  • Process: In-depth consultation, 5 design concepts, unlimited revisions, final logo versions
  • Duration: 10-14 business days
  • Tools: Canva, Inkscape, GIMP, Visual Studio Code
  • Deliverables: High-resolution logo files, social media profile versions, style guide
  • Price: $1,500

With unlimited revisions and additional deliverables, this package offers exceptional value for growing businesses.

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Yellow and and Blue Colored Pencils

03. The Powerhouse Package

For businesses serious about their brand identity, this package delivers unmatched creativity and support.

  • Process: Comprehensive consultation, 10 design concepts, unlimited revisions, dedicated project manager
  • Duration: 15-20 business days
  • Tools: Canva, Inkscape, GIMP, Visual Studio Code
  • Deliverables: Full branding suite, high-resolution logo files, style guide
  • Price: $5,000

This package is the ultimate in logo design, providing everything you need for a powerful, cohesive brand identity.

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Get Started with FunkPd

Ready to elevate your brand? Let's create a logo that stands out.

Logo Design FAQ:

Got questions about our logo design services? We've got answers.

From package details to design processes, here’s everything you need to know to get started with FunkPd’s custom logo design.

Still have questions? Reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

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🛠️ Premium Logo Package: What's Included?

The Premium pack is your all-access pass to brand brilliance! You get various logo versions perfectly tailored for different media—think digital, print, you name it, in crisp vector formats (AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, JPEG). Plus, a detailed style guide ensures your brand vibes are consistent no matter where they appear.

⏱️ Capturing My Brand's Essence: How?

We start with a deep-dive consultation to get the essence of your brand, spy on the competition, and plot your brand’s future. This strategy directs our design mojo, ensuring the logos not only resonate with your brand’s soul but also set you apart from the crowd.

📊 Logo Ownership and Future Updates?

Once you've paid up, the logo is yours—lock, stock, and barrel. Thinking of a refresh down the line? We've got you. Updates or a full-blown rebrand? We handle that too, billed as new projects so you get exactly what you need.

⚙️ Logo Crafting Timeline and Feedback?

Timelines vary by package—5 to 20 business days. Your feedback is gold here, steering the design from the first draft to the final cut. We blend your insights with our design expertise to ensure the end result is not just good—it’s you.

📈 Post-Delivery Support and Flexibility?

We don’t hit and run. Post-delivery, you get a full rundown on how to use your new logo, plus we’re on standby for any quick tweaks. Our logos are vector-based, so they scale flawlessly from a tiny pin to a massive billboard. Need more branding muscle? We’re just a shout away.

Our Client Reviews

giant Google logo as a broken water pipe, with streams of data represented by binary code (0s and 1s) gushing out like water. Representing the Google Search Algorithm Leak

Highly skilled professionals, vast knowledge, and impeccable communication.

Nolan and his team at Funk Productions have a vast range of web dev knowledge, it's a pleasure working with such highly skilled professionals. He is our go-to web developer for any project, with the ability to troubleshoot and remedy solutions that other web agencies could not solve. Communication is impeccable, and he is always happy to jump on a last-minute call to talk through anything. Finding a good web developer is like finding a needle in a haystack, we are very thankful to be working with Nolan & his team on a long-term basis.

- Courtney Buckingham

Yoga Navan

Professional, efficient, and gives you the attention you need.

Funk Productions is great to work with. Professional and efficient. He is very responsive and timely and gives you the attention you need while developing your site. I love his attention to details and suggestions and the interest he takes in helping you make the best site... for YOU! You will be happy working with Funk Productions even after your site has been built. He offers great SEO services too!!! I loved working with you!!!

- Michelle Bradshaw

Tankah Divers

High-quality changes, communication, and professional service.

We had Funk Productions redo our weak Dive shop website a few years ago. Not only did we love the changes, communication and professional service our website is showing up higher in searches. This creates more business for us in a large competitive business and area. I highly recommend them for all our online needs.

- Tankah Divers Tulum Mexico

Honeymoon Backpackers

Highly recommend, professional, kind, and efficient.

Highly recommend Nolan for your web design and troubleshooting. He is very professional, kind and efficient with his work. I won't be using anyone else.

- Matt Page

Loud Awards

Above and beyond, highly recommend.

Nolan has gone above and beyond to help me with both of my business websites! Highly recommend!

- Badlands Promotions Inc.

Keck Custom Tailor

Game-changer, creativity, and attention to detail.

Working with FunkPd was a game-changer. They truly understood my vision for Keck Custom Tailor and brought it to life in a way that perfectly reflects our dedication to craftsmanship and luxury. Their team's creativity and attention to detail made our website not just a platform, but a story of our brand. Thanks to them, we're not just the best tailor in Chiang Mai; we're a tailor with a story that resonates. Couldn't have asked for more!

- Jack Jase

Axel Keith Granath

Digital magician, creativity, and fantastic websites.

Nolan at FunkPD and I have had the pleasure of collaborating on web projects. He's more than a web developer; he's a digital magician. Working with him feels like embarking on an exciting journey of creativity. His websites are simply fantastic, marrying style with intuitive functionality. Nolan's commitment to staying ahead in the tech world is impressive. If you're looking for a web partner who consistently crafts outstanding digital experiences, Nolan is your guy.

- Axel Keith Granath

Phi Yber

Understandable, fun to work with, and excellent problem solving.

I have no knowledge about webdev and Nolan was able to explain everything in such an understandable way! It was easy and fun to work with him and he was excellent in solving a problem I had for ages with my website. (I hired another webdev before who couldn't solve it.) I would recommend him 100%! Thank you so much, Nolan! 🙂

- Phi Yber

Ivo Mootz

Knowledgeable and helpful.

I had a great experience with a business consultation service. The team was knowledgeable and helped me understand the steps needed to get my business started. They answered all my questions and provided detailed information on registering my company and obtaining licenses. I highly recommend this service to anyone starting their own business.

- Ivo Mootz


High-quality website for little money.

Thanks, FunkPd. I didn't expect to get such a high-quality website for so little money. I can wholeheartedly recommend it!

- Diyar

Jin W.

Above and beyond, highly recommend.

I asked Nolan and his team to make a website for my restaurant. To my pleasant surprise, they went above and beyond what I asked for. Highly recommend his services.

- Jin W.

Cigar Emperor

Great service, fast and reliable.

Great service, fast and reliable. Highly recommended! Fair pricing too.

- Magentos Limited (Matt Nekvapil)

Bamboo Bikes

Good service.

Good service!

- Paul

Punica Granatum

Da best in the business.

Da best in the business.

- Punica Granatum

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Ready to elevate your brand? Our services ensure you stand out and effectively represent your brands identity.

Our Works: No Fluff, Just Results

We build badass websites that make your business stand out. From sleek designs to SEO mastery, we’ve got you covered.

FunkPd's mobile friendly webdesign for How2Socials


A social media marketing firm needing a site that blends professional management with personal growth, with custom Astra theme functionalities.

FunkPd's mobile friendly webdesign for Actiwork


Industrial workspace provider, redesigned on WordPress/Elementor for better SEO and user-friendliness, with comprehensive team training.

FunkPd's mobile friendly webdesign for Fanquip


Industrial ventilation company needing improved site performance and SEO, transitioned to a flexible, user-friendly Elementor-based site.

FunkPd's mobile friendly webdesign for Minetek


Industrial solutions provider, streamlined and SEO-optimized website redesign focused on performance and user engagement enhancements.

Keck Custom Tailor in Chiang Mai, mobile homepage

Keck Custom Tailor

Tailoring service with a site reflecting bespoke quality, blending standard templates with custom design elements for luxury appeal.



Heavy metal band, with a site for music and merchandise integration, enhanced by custom design and e-commerce capabilities.


Tankah Divers

Diving school in Tulum showcasing services and booking options on a user-friendly site, emphasizing safety and marine conservation.


Pascale Landriault

Multilingual site for a life coach, integrating an advanced email system and showcasing services with an engaging user experience.


Aayush Films

Video production company’s one-page site highlighting their portfolio with a clean design and simple navigation.

Mobile imprint labeled "2023-Mobile-420x__Imprint" for (works) Imprint.


Partnership with Imprint for web development, combining aesthetic design and technical programming for a cohesive client service.

cigaremperor's website

Cigar Emperor

Premium cigar retailer, revamped for enhanced user-friendliness, speed, and SEO, ensuring better online visibility.

fullmoon's website

Full Moon Esthetics

Spa’s website designed with accessibility features and a holistic care focus, supporting an older clientele with a user-friendly interface.


Honeymoon Backpackers

Travel site designed to showcase vacation options through engaging photography and user-friendly layout.

Loud awards website

Loud Awards

Promotional site for local artists in Manitoba, designed to showcase talent and facilitate community engagement and recognition.


The Keen and the Kind

Band's website with a dark, artistic theme, integrating videos and album covers for a dynamic user experience.


Proud to be a Coastie

Community-centric site with a calming, earthy design that supports content engagement and easy navigation.


Clear Skin Solutions

Beauty shop’s website with a calming design, highlighting products with a simple and effective layout for enhanced user engagement.


Coast & Country Plumbing

Plumbing service’s site overhaul for better user engagement, SEO, and content management, with a focus on local service promotion.


DMG Cleaning Services

Service-focused, professional website designed for easy client interaction and efficient content presentation.


Th Tree Surgery

Fast-loading site for a tree surgery service, with a professional design that emphasizes the company’s reliability and expertise.


Bamboo Bikes

Bike rental service in Chiang Mai with a fast, user-friendly website designed to enhance customer experience and service accessibility.


Rangda Films

Videographer’s site with a visually striking design that reflects artistic style and enhances market presence.


The Float Sanctuary

Float therapy company’s site designed for optimal user experience, focusing on service presentation and ease of booking.


Yoga Navan

Yoga school’s site designed for visual appeal and user engagement, highlighting the tranquility and beauty of Tulum, Mexico.

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