Copy Writing

Get more out of your time by having us help with your copy writing!

Enhance and upgrade your marketing with industry standard(leading) SEO technique .
Build a rapport with your audience through interesting and engaging Copy Writing.

The Process

  • We organize and share keyword content ideas using Trello.
  • You create a rough draft (or bullet lists) of the blog or page using your unique experience in the field.
  • We take the draft and develop trustworthy and motivating sales copy writing.
  • We publish or release on a schedule. All the content belongs to you, and you can reuse on social medias as you see fit.

Our services are most effective when they are collaborative and interactive, hearing your feedback and comments as we work results in reliable content you can be proud of.

We make your life easier by doing the time consuming and labour intense aspects, letting you focus on your brand and business.

You’re the expert!

You are the foremost expert regarding your business and we take that expertise to the next level using Trello, we build a complete map of your website. By separating your website into sections we can focus our work where it matters most and you can watch our progress in real time while leaving your thoughts and input directly on the Trello board.

Copy writing is a very sensitive stage of development and we feel that open communication at this stage leads to a more satisfying partnership.

We ask that you supply 200-1000 words on the Trello board or through email to serve as a foundation for our team to build upon. We prefer your input in this area and will work with you to create a draft of key talking points, critical information, or bullet style lists.

Wait, what’s Trello? is basically a big whiteboard with columns of sticky notes. It’s a blank slate and can serve many different functions from a personal todo list, to a team-wide communication tool.

In the Trello board, we re-create the framework of your website to make it super easy to work on with a team. We make a column for the home page, about page, contact page, blog and service pages, and everything else.

You input your ideas and guidelines onto the card and then we begin our work modifying and polishing the copy writing until they pass your final review.

Trello is an excellent productivity tool but if you prefer email/phone correspondence, or spreadsheets we can roll with that as well!

We get it, you’re busy!

At your discretion we will create everything with little to no input but maintain the Trello board for you to review. We offer in-house copy writing services, we source images, write original content, and modify your content to optimize it for sales and traffic generation at an additional cost of $120 per hour.

All the web designs we build at funkpd come with the essential packages of on-site SEO, optimization, and hardening. Totally free of charge. Ongoing services come with essential wordpress maintenance. We believe maintenance is necessary to stay secure and efficient on the web.

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