Proofing Policy: To ensure the highest quality of our web projects, production will not begin until approved by the client. FunkPd will not be held responsible for any errors in the final product if the client has approved the proof or indicated that the project can proceed without proofing.

Proofing Policy: Work Provided

All designs will not be sent to production unless explicitly approved by the client. Any delays in approval will result in delays in delivery.

Copy (Text)

FunkPd will make every effort to ensure that proofs are free of grammatical and spelling errors before sending them to the client. However, it is the client’s responsibility to thoroughly review the proofs and ensure accuracy in the text. FunkPd will not be held liable for any errors in the final product.


FunkPd may use licensed images in custom designs. The client agrees that FunkPd, its employees, and suppliers are not liable for any damages, costs, and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, arising out of or related to issues of copyright or trademark infringement.

Claims Period

Claims for defects, damages, or shortages must be received by the client via email within five (5) business days after delivery. Failure to make a claim within this period constitutes irrevocable acceptance of the product and an admission that it fully complies with the terms, conditions, and specifications.

Project Cancellation

Requests to cancel a project must be received by email and confirmed by FunkPd two (2) business days before the scheduled start of the project. FunkPd will charge for the number of hours accumulated or the cost incurred for all work performed.

Design Charges

The design time stated in the initial order is only an estimate. This time may vary with new or changing information, artwork, or material. Each session of edits or artwork changes is subject to a minimum design charge of one (1) hour at the hourly design rate. If there is an anticipated increase in cost, the client will be informed in advance and given the option to accept the increase or accept the work as-is.

To keep the cost the same as the estimated rate, the client should send all design requirements upfront and not add new requirements after each design iteration. The client is not charged for corrections made due to mistakes by FunkPd before final approval. The design consultation is considered work performed.

Rush Fee

If the project deadline is moved to an earlier date, all additional costs are the responsibility of the client. A minimum fee of 20% will also be applied as a ‘Rush Fee.’ Design proofs that are required faster than the posted first proof date are also subject to an additional fee of 20% of the design portion of costs. Rush design orders are subject to the discretion of the Design Manager.


Where color matching is a priority, the client should provide or choose an appropriate Pantone color code and request a color proof before production. The client must ask for any color requirements or proofing upfront. Due to differences in equipment, paper stocks, inks, and other conditions, a reasonable variation in color (2 – 5%) may occur. FunkPd is not responsible for color variations that occur during production.


All quotes are valid for five (5) business days from the quotation date and may not include taxes.

FunkPd will only keep completed projects for 14 days. If the client does not pick up their project or store the files, they will be discarded without a refund. FunkPd is not responsible for backing up or holding the client’s property.

Allow ±2% difference for the finished product size and ±5% difference in digital colour variance. Printed proofs are billable at the current rate. Prices, specifications, and promotional offers are subject to error, cancellation, substitution, and change by FunkPd at any time without notice.

Storage of Files

FunkPd is not responsible for storing or backing up client files. The client is responsible for downloading and storing their own files. FunkPd will only keep completed projects for 14 days, after which they will be discarded without a refund.

Real-World Examples

  1. A client requests a web design from 2015 in 2017. This is not a reasonable expectation and FunkPd is not responsible for storing files from previous projects. This may be considered a billable service if the client would like us to retrieve the files.
  2. A client requests that we store 20 boxes of website materials for 3 months. FunkPd is not setup as a storage facility and is not responsible for storing client materials for extended periods of time. This should be discussed in advance to ensure that we can accommodate the client’s needs.
  3. A client approves a proof with a spelling mistake on their website. FunkPd relies on the proofing process to ensure accuracy, and if the approved proof is reflected in the final product, the client is responsible for paying for it. If FunkPd makes a mistake and sends the wrong file to production, we will re-print the product at no cost to the client.


FunkPd is committed to delivering high-quality web projects and ensuring customer satisfaction. By adhering to our proofing policy, we can minimize errors and ensure that the final product meets the client’s expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.