Ensuring a seamless transition from our development environment to your live hosting platform.

Key Tasks:

  • Final Payment Collection: Making sure all payments are settled to proceed smoothly.
  • Website Migration: Carefully moving your new website to your chosen hosting server.
  • Credential Handover: Providing you with all necessary access credentials for full control.
  • Empowering with Knowledge: Offering a tutorial session to equip you with site management skills.

Collaboration & Feedback:

Our Responsibilities:

  • Smooth and secure website migration with zero downtime.
  • Providing comprehensive access details for full control.
  • Facilitating a detailed tutorial session tailored to your expertise.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Finalizing financial aspects for the migration process.
  • Engaging with the tutorial session for effective site management.
  • Providing feedback to ensure comfort and confidence in managing your new website.


  • A successfully launched website migrated to your hosting environment.
  • Complete access and control over your website for immediate online presence.


  • A seamless transition to a live environment, poised for your audience.
  • Empowerment through knowledge, fully equipped to manage and evolve your site.

What’s next?

Following the successful launch and handover, we shift focus to the Promote phase. This next step is about amplifying your site’s reach and impact, utilizing strategic marketing efforts to ensure your target audience finds and engages with your new website.