In this phase, we turn your ideas into reality, crafting the initial design and strategy for your website.

Key Tasks:

  • Design Development: We create design mockups or choose templates that match your project goals and style.
  • Feedback Integration: We share these designs with you for feedback, refining them until they’re just right.
  • Content Strategy: While designing, we plan how your message will be delivered on the site to engage your audience.
  • Technical Planning: We outline the technical requirements to make sure the design works smoothly.

Collaboration & Feedback:

Our Responsibilities:

  • Guiding Design Choices: We help you make design decisions that look good and work well.
  • Smooth Feedback Process: We make it easy for you to give feedback and incorporate your ideas.
  • Crafting Content Strategy: We create a strategy that fits your brand and speaks to your audience.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Engaging with Design and Content: You give clear feedback on what you like and don’t like.
  • Trusting Our Expertise: You rely on us to turn your vision into a prototype that works for your business.


  • Refined Designs: You’ll get polished design mockups that match your vision.
  • Clear Content Plan: We’ll outline how your site will engage visitors and drive conversions.


  • Blueprint for Your Website: You’ll have a clear plan for development and refining.
  • Actionable Next Steps: We set the stage for further development and improvement.

What’s next?

After the Prototype phase, we move on to the Present phase, where we finalize designs and strategies to bring your website one step closer to launch.