Lay the groundwork for development, securing resources and details.

Key Tasks:

  • Making it Easy for You: We’ll keep things simple for small projects with a quick form. For bigger ones, we’ll dive deep with audits and proposals to match your needs.
  • Getting the Paperwork Right: We’ll handle the legal stuff, making sure our documents fit what you need.
  • Keeping Things Moving: We’ll need some info from you within two weeks to keep things rolling smoothly. If not, we’ll hit pause but can jump back in when you’re ready.

Collaboration & Feedback:

Our Responsibilities:

  • Adapting to You: We’ll adjust how we work to fit your style.
  • Guiding You Through: We’ll help you get everything ready on your end so we can start smoothly.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Getting Your Docs in Order: You’ll need to share any important paperwork and access details we need.
  • Sticking to the Timeline: We’ll need your info within two weeks to keep things on track.


  • Tailored Just for You: A plan that fits your unique needs, no matter how big or small your project.
  • Clear Expectations: We’ll make sure everyone knows what to expect and who’s responsible for what.


  • Starting Strong: A solid foundation for our work together, based on understanding and readiness.
  • Spotting Issues Early: We’ll catch any problems early on, so we can fix them fast and keep moving forward.

What’s Next?

Once we have everything we need and our plans are in place, we’ll move on to the Prototype phase. That’s where we’ll start turning your ideas into something real, tailored just for you.