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500 website astra template get online fast package

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Your Ideas, our Mission: Our expert team in web development, marketing, and branding is all set to spring into action on your project!

$500 Web Design Foundation:

Transparent Pricing, Real Results.

Highly affordable at just $500, our WordPress Website package includes Hosting + Domain assistance. It’s a complete setup package at an unbeatable price, with all the support you need for the long term.

Let’s grow!

"Get Online Fast" Package

$1000 $500
Basic Template Package:
Get Your Business Online Quickly
and Affordably


Rapid Online Launch:

Get your business online quickly, opening doors to new customers.

Comprehensive Service:

From design to development, we handle everything. You'll get a high-performance, SEO-optimized, and mobile-responsive website.

Free 1-Year Hosting:

We provide hosting free for the first year, ensuring your website is accessible online with minimal downtime.
We'll also help you choose and register the perfect domain name for your brand.

Domain & Hosting, Made Easy:

  • Picking a Domain: We help you choose a cool web address (domain) that fits your brand.
  • Setting It Up: We'll help you link your new domain to our servers.
  • Fast & Safe: With Cloudflare, your website loads super fast and is always-online.
  • Free Hosting for a Year: Your website lives on our servers for free for the first year. It's reliable and speedy! (same as our site!)
  • We're Here to Help: Got questions or need help? We're always here to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Scalable Solution:

Begin with the end in mind and easily expand as your business grows.

Effortless Content Management:

Easily update and manage your website with user-friendly tools.

Perfect for small businesses and startups looking to establish a quick online presence without a hefty investment.

Customizable Add-On Options
Enhance Your Site's Capabilities and Reach with Key Add-Ons


Advanced SEO Optimization: $300/mo and up

Outrank Your Competitors: Boost your website's visibility with in-depth SEO strategies, driving more targeted traffic and leads.

E-Commerce Functionality: $1000

Start Selling Online: Seamlessly integrate woo e-commerce platform to your website, enabling online sales and expanding your market reach.

Professional Content Creation: $250 per month

Captivating Content for Your Site: Regularly updated, high-quality content to engage your audience and keep your website dynamic and interesting.

Google Analytics Integration: $100

Track Your Success: Gain valuable insights into your website's performance and user behavior to make data-driven decisions for growth.

Tailored Digital Solutions

Customized functionality and design tailored to your brand's unique vision and goals.

Stand Out with Unique Design:

Dive deep into the essence of your brand to create a visually stunning website that tells your story.

Power-Up with Advanced Functionality:

Integrate custom features that streamline your operations, from e-commerce solutions to membership systems.

Capture and Convert Your Audience:

Employ advanced SEO tactics and digital marketing strategies to boost your online presence and engage customers.

Grow Confidently with Expert Support:

Benefit from ongoing maintenance, security updates, and feature upgrades as your business evolves.

Make Informed Decisions:

Utilize comprehensive analytics to understand your audience and refine your strategies for maximum impact.

Web Design Packages


Essentials: Website Package

Launchpad for Success
  • Up to 5 Custom Pages: Your brand story told with bespoke design.
  • Responsive Design: Flawless user experience on any device.
  • SEO Foundations: Set the stage for online visibility.
  • Social Media Kickstart: Connect your brand seamlessly to social platforms.
  • Contact Forms: Convert visitors to leads effortlessly.
  • Free Branding Kit: Start strong with cohesive brand visuals.
  • 30-Day Revision Guarantee: Peace of mind with post-launch support.

Perfect for startups stepping into the digital space.


Detailed: Business Growth Package

Empower Your Growth
  • Up to 20 Custom Pages: More space for your expanding story and services.
  • Advanced SEO: Targeted strategies to outpace competitors in search rankings.
  • E-Commerce Functionality: Unlock the potential of online sales.
  • CRM Integration: Manage leads efficiently for sustained growth.
  • Email Marketing: Engage and retain with powerful campaigns.
  • Extended Support: 6 months of analytics and site adjustments.
  • Performance Guarantee: Commitment to your measurable growth.

Ideal for businesses scaling up their digital influence.


Pro: Website Package

Peak Market Impact
  • Unlimited Custom Pages: No boundaries to your digital presence.
  • Comprehensive SEO and Marketing: Dominate your market segment.
  • Advanced E-Commerce Solutions: Sophisticated features for complex needs.
  • Custom App Integration: Unique tools for your unique operations.
  • Priority Support: A dedicated team ensuring your site’s peak performance.
  • Year-Long Optimization: Continuous improvements for enduring success.
  • Strategic Consulting: Expert insights to navigate the digital landscape.
  • Training & SOPS: Simple SOP’s and videos for training staff.

The ultimate package for industry leaders to innovate and excel.


Detailed Pricing FAQ for Web Packages
What's Included in Each Web Design Package?

🚀 We offer more than just a website – we provide a complete website creation process!

📋 Here’s what’s included:

1️⃣ Consultation and Collaboration:

We chat, understand your needs, choose a design that suits your goals.

2️⃣ Template Selection:

We pick the right template, with your input, through direct conversation.

3️⃣ Draft Creation:

Our team crafts your website draft for visualization.

4️⃣ Feedback and Revision:

Your input is key. We make changes to match your vision.

5️⃣ Finalization and Publication:

After 0-3 rounds of feedback, your stunning website is ready to go.

For just $500, you don’t just get a website; you get a hassle-free process and a partner every step of the way! 🌟

Payment Structure and Transparency

Our payment structure is designed to be as clear and flexible as possible, offering you peace of mind and financial planning ability throughout the web development process.

Here’s how it works for each of our packages:

  1. Deposit: A deposit is required to initiate the project. This confirms your commitment and secures your place in our project schedule.
  2. Milestone Payments: As we reach significant project milestones, we’ll request payments. This could be at the design approval stage, the development midpoint, and the pre-launch phase.
  3. Final Payment: The balance is due upon project completion and before the website goes live. This ensures that you are satisfied with the end product.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

We aim to work within your financial constraints and offer payment plans if needed to ensure that our services are accessible to your business.

We understand that during the web design process, you might discover the need for additional features or functionalities that weren’t anticipated at the outset.

Here’s how we handle scope adjustments:

  • Initial Assessment: Before any additional work is performed, we conduct a thorough assessment to determine the new requirements.
  • Transparent Quoting: We provide a clear, itemized quote for the additional work, detailing the cost and time implications.
  • Approval Process: No additional work commences without your approval, ensuring you retain control over the project scope and budget.

Examples of Scope Adjustments

  • A product catalog that grows from 50 to 100 items.
  • Additional custom-coded features like interactive maps or customer portals.
  • Expansion of the website to accommodate a new line of services or products.

Our goal is to ensure that your final website serves your business optimally, even if that means expanding the original scope.

We design our packages to be comprehensive, but websites do need ongoing love and care:

  • Maintenance Plans: Optional ongoing support to keep your site at peak performance.
  • Hosting Services: We offer hosting solutions tailored to your site’s needs.
  • Updates & Security: Essential for the long-term health and success of your website.

Maintenance services are optional and can be tailored to your needs!

Discover the full range of our post-launch services on our Ongoing Support page.

Absolutely! While we are known for our web design in Winnipeg, we cater to clients globally. Our team is equipped to work remotely, ensuring the same quality and dedication, regardless of your location. So, whether you’re in Winnipeg or anywhere else in the world, you can rely on us for top-notch web design solutions!

At FunkPD, we utilize Astra Starter Templates (available at to swiftly establish a robust foundation for your business website. While Astra templates come with certain limitations, they serve as an excellent starting point. As your needs evolve, these templates can be seamlessly scaled up into fully customized websites, ensuring your online presence grows alongside your business.

astra web dev design niche friendly templates
astra web ecom estore online store

We're glad you asked!

FunkProductions technomads team photo. Deniz Copywriter, Nolan Webdesigner, Sophie Marketing, Axel Developer

Left: Deniz, Nolan, Sophie, Axel

Welcome to the heart of FunkPd, where we do it all in-house. We’re not just a team; we’re a supergroup of experts who handle every aspect of web development and marketing. Let us introduce you to the driving forces behind our digital excellence.

Nolan: The powerhouse of web development. His dedication to perfection is unmatched. A maestro in WordPress, he crafts user-focused designs that aren’t just functional, they’re engaging, intuitive, and highly optimized for conversions. His commitment to innovation keeps us riding the wave of the latest web trends. Nolan isn’t just building websites; he’s sculpting the digital future.

Axel: The backbone of FunkPd’s financial and technological success. His skill in making complex data easily understandable is nothing short of genius. He ensures our strategies are not just smart but razor-sharp, keeping us ahead in the game. With Axel, numbers aren’t just numbers; they’re the keys to unlocking our potential.

Deniz: Our empathetic wordsmith, a master at connecting with customers. His ability to craft meaningful interactions is a rare gift. He doesn’t just talk to clients; he builds relationships that last. Deniz is more than a communicator; he’s the human touch in our digital world.

Sophie: The visionary behind our marketing triumphs. Blending creativity with analytics, she turns every campaign into a compelling narrative. Her attention to detail and strategic foresight are unparalleled. Sophie doesn’t just market; she creates experiences that resonate and endure.

Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

We get it — building a new website is a big step and you want it done right.

At FunkPd, we promise to listen, understand, and act on your feedback to ensure your site meets your needs.

Our guarantee isn’t about endless revisions; it’s about actionable solutions when they truly matter.

If something isn’t up to par, we’re on it, making the necessary tweaks so your site performs for your business.

No grandiose promises, just a solid commitment to make your website work for you.

Axel Keith Granath
Nolan at FunkPD and I have had the pleasure of collaborating on web projects. He's more than a web developer; he's a digital magician. Working with him feels like embarking on an exciting journey of creativity. His websites are simply fantastic, marrying style with intuitive functionality. Nolan's commitment to staying ahead in the tech world is impressive. If you're looking for a web partner who consistently crafts outstanding digital experiences, Nolan is your guy.
Phi Yber
I have no knowledge about webdev and Nolan was able to explain everything in such a understandable way! It was easy and fun to work with him and he was excellent in solving a problem I had for ages with my website. ( I hired another webdev before who couldn't solve it.) I would recommend him 100% ! Thank you so much Nolan! 🙂
Punica Granatum
Da best in the business
Ivo Mootz
I had a great experience with a business consultation service. The team was knowledgeable and helped me understand the steps needed to get my business started. They answered all my questions and provided detailed information on registering my company and obtaining licenses. I highly recommend this service to anyone starting their own business.
Good service!
Courtney Buckingham
Nolan and his team at Funk Productions have a vast range of web dev knowlege, it's a pleasure working with such highly skilled professionals. He is our go to web developer for any project, with the ability to troubleshoot and remedy solutions that other web agencies could not solve. Communication is impeccible and he is always happy to jump on a last minute call to talk through anything. Finding a good web developer is like finding a needle in a haystack, we are very thankful to be working with Nolan & his team on a long-term basis.
Matt Page
Highly recommend Nolan for your web design and troubleshooting. He is very professional, kind and efficient with his work. I wont be using anyone else.
Magentos Limited
Great service, fast and reliable. Highly recommended! Fair pricing too.
Badlands Promotions Inc.
Nolan has gone above and beyond to help me with both of my business websites! Highly recommend!
Funk Productions is great to work with. Professional and efficient. He is very responsive and timely and gives you the attention you need whole developing your site. I love his attention to details and suggestions and the interest he takes in helping you make the best site.......for YOU!You will be happy working with Funk Productions even after your site has been built. He offers great SEO services too!!! I loved working with you!!!

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