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Breaking the Online Barrier: Online Services

From the digital nomad lifestyle of Nolan Phelps:

a city street filled with lots of traffic and tall buildings a metaphor for the busy world of online services

Hey Technomads and fellow travelers of the digital frontiers,

If you’re weaving through the global web from your van, café, or seaside hammock, wondering how to turn your nomadic lifestyle into a profitable venture, this guide is your gateway. Let’s slash through the fluff and explore how to leverage real digital skills into real money.

Context and Value of Online Services:

Forget traditional office jobs. Online services like copywriting, social media management, design, programming, and SEO are your tools for survival and success in the digital age. They’re about making a tangible impact, bridging gaps between tech and everyday needs, and securing your financial freedom on the go.


Think of copywriting as your Swiss Army knife for the digital world—versatile, sharp, and essential for survival. It’s about crafting words that act, persuade, and sell. Use ChatGPT like a professional.

  • How to Launch: Forge a portfolio that turns heads. Dive into the freelance markets, flash your skills on platforms like LinkedIn, and connect with clients who value compelling narratives.

Social Media Management:

This is your field guide to thriving in the wilds of digital jungles. It’s about orchestrating the chaos of social media into strategies that amplify voices and convert followers into fans.

  • How to Launch: Showcase your successful campaigns, use the platforms you dominate to market your skills, and deploy targeted ads to capture the right clientele.


In the realm of design, your creations are your handshake, your business card, and your brand all rolled into one.

  • How to Launch: Cultivate a portfolio that showcases your creativity and technical prowess. Engage with online communities, participate in design challenges, and secure gigs that allow your artistry to shine.


In coding, each line is a puzzle piece; in development, you’re the architect building digital landscapes that solve real-world problems.

  • How to Launch: Highlight your diverse projects in a portfolio (like ours) that speaks to your technical acumen. Establish your presence on platforms like GitHub, connect at tech meetups, and snag opportunities through freelance networks.


Mastering SEO means becoming a wizard of the web, where you conjure visibility from the vastness of the internet.

  • How to Launch: Document your triumphs with before-and-after analytics snapshots. Market your ability to draw digital eyeballs, and tap into the vast community of online businesses craving visibility.

General Advice:

Navigating the online service industry requires a mix of savvy, hustle, and a relentless pursuit of growth. Keep your digital footprint active, engage continuously with your professional community, and always be ready to adapt to new digital trends. Understand the unique needs of your target market and tailor your services to meet those demands.

This is more than making ends meet; it’s about crafting a lifestyle where your work and passions seamlessly intertwine. Ready to turn your nomadic life into a digital empire? Let’s get moving and shatter those online barriers.

— Nolan, Technomad and Digital Craftsman

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