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Earning Money Online As the world becomes increasingly digital, the opportunities for earning money online are growing at an unprecedented rate. For many people, the idea of earning a living online is a dream come true. The promise of being able to work from anywhere in the world and on

As small business owners, we’re always seeking ways to enhance our online visibility and attract more customers. One powerful approach is by incorporating LocalBusiness Schema structured data markup on our websites. This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and leveraging this powerful tool for boosting your local SEO efforts

Proven SEO tactics to boost your local search presence. Data-driven approach for more Vancouver customers. The goal of local SEO Vancouver is to make sure that when people search for businesses or services in your local area, your website appears. At FunkPd, we’re not just web designers – we’re digital

Welcome to FunkPd’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO. If you’re a small business owner aiming to make a splash in the digital world, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might sound like some mystical internet sorcery. But don’t worry, we’re here to demystify it. At FunkPd, we simplify SEO into straightforward, actionable steps

Welcome to the world of Website Terms Glossary, where we demystify the seemingly daunting language of websites. Imagine yourself in a neon-lit cyberpunk cityscape, navigating through a digital maze filled with futuristic jargon and technical lingo. Let’s break ground on your digital job site with no bullshit attached. Imagine setting

You’ve got a website. But how do you know if it’s good enough to show off? Use this Web Design Checklist to evaluate your site’s performance. Is it mobile friendly? If you’re looking at a desktop version of your site, make sure it looks good on a smartphone as well.

Hello and welcome to Funk Productions small business website design page. We are based out of Winnipeg, Canada. We do our own design, content sourcing, and we DO NOT outsource any of our projects we take on. We believe in hard work, and fair treatment of all. You must be

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